Winterbourne Area

Winterbourne is an area about 30 km to the east of Walcha, NSW. It is bordered by Blue Mountain Creek on the north, Salisbury Plains to the west, Moona Plains to south, and Oxley Wild Rivers National Park to the east.

 Public access to this part of the National Park is only possible via the 2 km easement between the properties ‘Paradale’ and ‘Karori’, leaving from Tabletop Road. This is the start of the trips into Tabletop, Steep Drop Falls, Blue Mountain Creek and the Macleay River. The local altitudinal range- from 1292m at Baynes Mountain to 220 m at Oven Camp. This gives a great diversity of microclimates and thus many plants species, including a number of rare endemics. Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies are a common sight here, though extinct elsewhere.

Daywalks are confined to the gorge rim, but for those prepared to backpack, there are kilometres of ridge and river walking, with some memorable campsites and great views. Be careful with river crossings. There are no handy river height gauges in this area.