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Bark Hut Route      A straightforward backpack, with only the  Cocks Comb diversion and the final climb out being a bit taxing.




Karori Cocks Comb~KeroCreek Cheyenne
Needs permission to cross private property from the owners of ‘Cheyenne’, and water needs to carried for Camp 1.The feature of this walk is the opportunity for both an evening and morning visit to The Cocks Comb.
Tabletop Circuit

This covers almost all the best sections of the other walks, and is all on public land.

Oven Camp Ridge This circular walk is all on public land via Karori ramp and easement. The first day is very easy. Day 2 is a bit longer, day 3 is unremittingly hard.  Its starts with a 600 m steep climb, hours up and down with difficult navigation and finishes with a long plod out.

Ben Nevis- BMC- Wallamarra Entry and Exit via Private Property a medium difficulty 2 day 1 night backpack
Permission needed from owners of ‘Ben Nevis’ and ‘Wallamarra’ - contact details available from the Public Officer/President for Armidale Bushwalking Club.