Walk Gradings

Armidale Bushwalking Club’s system

Walk Type

Approx Daily Km.



DW- One Day Walk

BP (3d2n) – Backpack, 3 days, 2 nights

CC (2d2n)- Car Camp, 2 days, 2 nights

S - Short - Less than 10km
M - Medium - 10-15 km
L -Long -15-20 km
XL - Extra Long - over 20 km

1 - Graded track, some incline
2 - Graded track, hills, creek crossings
3 - Rough track, steep sections, creek crossings
4 - Off track, moderate terrain
5 - Off track, thick terrain
6 - Exposed rock scrambling, deep river crossings

A - Low fitness
B - Moderate fitness
C - Good fitness
D - Good fitness with agility
E - High fitness level
F - Strenuous - experienced walkers only!

Based on the Scottish’ Walk Highlands’ system, adapted to
New England conditions

Easy walks, mostly on well defined paths of gentle slope, less than 10 km with no special difficulties.


A - Low fitness


Slightly harder. Paths may be indistinct, with moderately steep parts, basic navigation skills required, 10-15 km. B - Moderate fitness
Terrain will be steep, navigation could be difficult, 10-20 km. C - Good fitness with experienced leaders
Mostly off-track; moderate scrambling/ river crossing skills may be required; good navigation skills essential, 15-20 km with long day(s).

E - High fitness with agility with experience.


Hard hillwalking including quite difficult scrambling, remote areas, over 20 km, very long days. F - Strenuous – all party very experienced, very fit.
The grades are all based on the assumption the route can be completed in reasonable weather conditions. For example low cloud and thick vegetation can cause problems on some routes with map reading and compass skills essential. Heavy rain can cause rivers and streams to become too deep or dangerous to cross. High winds may make some ridges and mountain areas dangerous. Thunder storms put walkers at risk especially on high land. Extreme bushfire conditions make any trip potentially life-threatening. Finally remember combinations of adverse conditions increase the risks substantially. It is assumed that map, compass and suitable clothing will be taken on all walks above grade 1.