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X Blue Mountain-Hole Creek junction BMC+HOLECK 0394285/ 6595256 ASL332 up to Tabletop 4WD Trail ZINHOLSP7 0395445/6592070 ASL 942 4.7 km

160 minutes


1: 25000 Map


(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings



Winterbourne UTM BMC+HOLECK 56J 0394285 6595256


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP1 56J 0394130 6594931


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP2 56J 0394400 6594250


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP3 56J 0394479 6593550


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP4 56J 0394850 6593250


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP5 56J 0394769 6592957


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP6 56J 0394920 6592500


Winterbourne UTM ZINHOLSP7 56J 0395445 6592070


A steady climb of 600-plus metres that is leads back up to Tabletop Trail 4WD road.


It’s a comfortable camp at Blue Mountain/Hole Creek junction, great Bush TV reception.

Always make sure you put the fire completely out. No problem this morning – mist and rain.

Ready to leave. The blue tarp is a combined groundsheet and raincape, ready to cover the pack if it starts raining again.

Heading very quietly up Hole Creek, the Rock Wallaby (Petrogale pencillata) is often seen perched as here. They resemble 50 cm brown beanbags- until the effortlessly glide up impossible rock faces. The long tail and roughened feet are keys to their agility.

Round-leaf Vine (Legnephora moorei) is a climber with alternate leaves 8-20 cm in diameter , usually with 5 long veins spreading from the base, and a stalk 5-15 cm long. The fruit is a round 8-10 mm blueish-black drupe. Usually found in warmer coastal rainforest.


We’ve climbed up from about 330 metres at Blue Mountain Creek to 400 metres here, and the rain has momentarily stopped. As soon as you feel even slightly warm, get the jumpers off- you can climb in below-zero temperatures in a T-shirt (you might need gloves).

Looking almost due west from waypoint ZINHOLSP2 944/943, at an altitude of 600 metres. The spur between Blue Mountain and Hole Creek we are looking over leads up to ‘Cheyenne’. (see Section Y Photoguide for details).


The big part of the climb by here, at 830 metres ASL, near Waypoint ZINHOLSP3. It’s taken about 2 hours so far.




(At ZINHOLSP4- full coordinates 0394850/ 6593250) What had appeared to be a very narrow ridge on the map is actually quite broad and inviting. The way is clear and obvious to ZINHOLSP5, but needs a bit of careful navigation over through thicker understorey between stream heads to hit Waypoint ZINHOLSP7

  on the right ~ On Tabletop Trail, the 4WD road that winds up around the east side of Tabletop Mountain and on to Tabletop Cross Roads (TTOPXROADS waypoint).