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U BMC-Postmans Junction BMC+POSTMA 0397876/96500 ASL270 downstream to BMCTTOP2 0398823/6596075 ASL260 (Opposite Lorraines Pass) 1.8


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No profile needed- c. 5 m per km.

1: 25000 Map


(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings



Winterbourne UTM BMC+POSTMA
0397876 6596500 270
Winterbourne UTM BMC+TTOP2 56J 0398822 6596075 260

A gentle walk down a beautiful creek.

This pleasant little creek runs down the northern side of Enmore Long Point, and was the site of a frantic gold rush in the 1870s.

Creek junctions always seem to be a good excuse for a break. This group had just come down Enmore Long Point, and had a long way yet to walk Ė mercifully all flat!

The little Pink Tongue (Rostellularia adscendens) grows to about 50 cm, with opposite ovate 5-30 X 2-8 mm leaves. It bears pink flowers with a pink two-lipped tube, with two lengthwise striped folds.

The track initially goes through Max Brennan's horse yard, where he once took trail riders down into the gorges. Youíll come across a number of them scattered in the upper Macleay.

I think Max took his last lot of riders down in about 2006, so the sliprails are rather sadly decayed now.


Many more crossings ahead- but you can usually get across them dryshod in Blue Mountain Creek. Itís just aboveÖ

... a very sharp corner in the creek, with resistant rocks forcing it into a narrow defile.

Even though itís easy walking along the creek, itís also very easy to turn an ankle if you stop taking care.

As the wild horses are slowly removed from the park, these horsetracks will disappear, and some of us will miss them- especially where they show the best route across ridges.

on left ~When the creek is bone dry, and very flat, itís helpful for route-finding to remember that the flood debris is always on the upstream side.


on right~ One of the easier routes up to Tabletop Mountain and beyond starts from near here, at BMC+TTOP2 0398822/6596075. Note that the numbers in bold can be read from the Winterbourne 1:25 000 map- directions on how to do so are given near the map key (the other numbers are part of the full coordinates, which work from anywhere in the world).