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M BARKHUT 0396300/ 6592400 to TTop Trail junction of spur to CoxComb CCOMBSPN1 0397326 /65 92766 1.90 km

30 minutes


1: 25000 Map


(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings



Winterbourne UTM BARKHUT 56J 396300 6592400


Winterbourne UTM CCOMBSPN1 56J 0397326 6592765


It is about half an hour from Bark Hut to the start of the easy ridge up to the Cocks Comb, or on down to Blue Mountain Creek. You can fill up with water from ZINNIADAM as detailed below, or alternatively as you cross Zinnia Creek- if it is running.

The track leading on from Bark Hut can be seen at the centre top of the photo.

As soon as you leave the damp watercourse area, you are back on the poor soils derived from metamorphosed sediments, with Fuzzy Box (Eucalyptus conica) with an understory of Sweet Bursaria (Bursaria spinosa). The rough yards at the top of the rise donít look as if they would hold anything but the tamest horse!

In spite of the flimsiness of the man-made structures at Bark Hut, there is a real feeling of pushing into the wilderness when you pass this gateway.

A bit further on AG66 965.921 you pass through a clump of Diehard Stringybark (Eucalyptus cameronii). Note the tightly clustered fruit, and the coarse stringy bark.

If you need water, leave the track at AG66 972.922, and head about 125 m SSE to Waypoint ZINNIADAM at AG66 0397357.6592184. The water will need tablets or boiling before use. Then return to the 4WD road, and head on about 500 m across Zinnia Creek to CCOMBSPN1 AG6697326.92766- the turnoff to the Cocks Comb, (Photo Don Hitchcock)