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H Tabletop Summit campsite TTOPSUMCAM 0396233/6590631 to SALTHUT 0395856/6590257 0.60 km

20 minutes


1: 25000 Map Projection

(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings HASL


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSUMCAM 56J 0396232 6590631


Winterbourne UTM SALTHUT 56J 0395856 6590256


It is an easy stroll down to Salt Hut, after a pleasant night’s camp on the summit. There is a track that leads down, but it is not worth the trouble to find it.

Salt Hut (originally known as ‘Tin Hut’) was built by Norman and Kevin Brennan about 1960, in an area know as ‘Clayey Gulley’, soon after they built the road. Having sheltered from a storm there in 2008, I can testify it is not very waterproof- we had to wear ponchos to stay dry.

Early morning descending W to pick up a track leading down to… … Salt Hut, a fairly basic structure which now is not very waterproof.
Time to re-pack, as the man with the trolley was returning… . back along Tabletop Trail and across to Tabletop Hideaway, and taking his excellent ‘extras’ with him


A good way to travel on solid 4WD roads.