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F Oven Camp ridge turnoff OVENCRIDG7 0396338/6588437 to start Tabletop South Ridge TTOPSRIDG1 0396349/6589574 1.00 km

15 minutes

1: 25000 Map Projection

(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings HASL


Winterbourne UTM TTOPXHIDEA 56J 0395447 6586908


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSRIDG1 56J 0396349 6589574


This is a fairly level section, continuing through the same type of eucalypt woodland as before.

Set the TTOPSRIDG1 waypoint on the GOTO function of your GPS at the start of this section, so you donít miss where the almost level ridge to Tabletop Mountain heads off to the E, while the road dips down in the final 100 m before the mountain base.  If you are heading up to Tabletop Summit, or around it on the east to Cocks Comb Saddle, you will leave the road here.

If you are taking the much easier route around to Salt Hut, continue on down the road.

BUT in a wet season if you are short of water , you will need to continue on the road to the little soak at the mountain base. If it has been a dry season you will have to go on another 900 m past Salt Hut to fill up at WSALTHUTDAM. make sure you purify it before drinking.

This is the point where you leave the road if youíre going up Tabletop Mountain, or around to the Cocks Comb.

This anthill is just off the road at the turnoff to Tabletop Mountain and the Cocks Comb.


If you start heading fairly steeply down as in the photo, youíve gone past the ridge turnoff.