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Follow the Car Directions to the Karori/Paradale Easement , and Section A to the start of this walk

Easy. 1hour 30 minutes


It is a steady walk on the Apsley Management trail, firstly through open eucalypt woodland, and then through wet sclerophyll forest with many treeferns as you climb higher .  Passing within 400 m of the summit of Baynes Mountain, at 1294 m the highest point for 20 km, as you contour around the slope.  When the trail reaches its highest point at 1200 m, the summit trig is 400 m from the track. But since GPS technology has arrived, the once-magnificent view is now hidden by regrowth.

You pass a silted-up dam after about 4 km, and the gorge edge is reached 2 km further on. There are some views from here ,if you edge down carefully to the lip of the unnamed creek, you have a vertiginous view down Steep Drop Falls. Return by the same route.




(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings



UTM TTOPXROADS 56J 1: 25000 Map 6582707


UTM STEEPDROPF 56J Rowleys Creek 6578410





Rowleys Creek


Start Apsley Management Trail- a crossroads: Karori easement (W) behind you, Tabletop Trail to the left (N), while we follow the Apsley Trail to the right (S) to Steep Drop Falls AG66 916.827 (Photo Paul McCann)

Trail high point (about 1200 m), with Rough Tree Ferns. Apsley Management. Trail on western side of Baynes Mountain AG66 924.812 (Photo Paul McCann)

Gently up, with frequent mists encouraging a ferny understorey.  Apsley Management Trail, W side of Baynes Mountain  AG66 926.814 (Photo Paul McCann)

Snow Grass, Lomandra (with strappy leaves) and Messmate Stringybark on the climb around Baynes Mountain. Apsley Management Trail c. AG66 928.817 (Photo Paul McCann)

Silted-up dam, Apsley Management Trail c. AG66 924.802 (Photo Paul McCann)


Apsley Management trail near Steep Drop Falls c. AG66 923.789 (Photo Paul McCann)


Looking across Rowleys (Creek) Gorge from AG66 921.784 (Photo Paul McCann)

Looking SE from beside Steep Drop Fall (AG66 920.784) to cleared land between Rowleys Creek and Moona Creek.

Beside Steep Drop Fall (AG66 920.784) (Photo Paul McCann)


You need someone hanging onto your ankles to really appreciate Steep Drop Falls. (Photo Pieter van Haeff)

Looking straight down Steep Drop Falls from  AG66 920.784 (Photo Don Hitchcock).

Shelf of vegetation northern side of Steep Drop Falls from  AG66 920.784 (Photo Don Hitchcock)

Looking straight down Steep Drop Falls from  AG66 920.784 (Photo Don Hitchcock