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J1 From TTOPSRIDG1 96349/89575, climb ridge to TTOPSRID2 0396530/6589820, then contour/head slightly down to CCOMBSADDL 0396947/ 6590532 1.20 km

60 minutes

1: 25000 Map Projection

(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings HASL


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSRIDG1 56J 0396349 6589575


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSRID2 56J 0396530 6589820


Winterbourne UTM CCOMBSADDL 56J 396947 6590532


This is the most difficult of all the included Tabletop sections. The terrain is challenging, and older GPS will not be able to maintain reception beside the bulk of the mountain. So you will need to have a compass and be very familiar with its use. You will also need to be competent in judging distance in difficult terrain.

The climb up Tabletop Mountainís south ridge is pretty straightforward till TTOPSRID2 96530/89820.

You then have to angle down for 150- 200 metres, till you are on the contour between the large jumbled rocks on your left(Western) side and the steeply sloping gullies on your right (Eastern) side.

Maintain that level, contouring around the slope of the mountain till it becomes less steep and you can see the saddle at CCOMBSADDL 96947/ 90532. Donít try it in the wet, or when time is pressing.

Remember thereís no water here, and youíll need to carry quite a bit if you are to camp in the saddle and see the sun rise from the Cocks Comb.

The view a bit to the SE of TTOPSRID2- at AMG 969/898 .

Looking back at a distinctive termite mound at AMG 966/900 which is about on the contour level you need to maintain after angling down 150-200 metres from TTOPSRID2.

This is the view East (downslope) from the termite mound above.

A little further on, near the head of the first gully. If in doubt, angle slightly up- it rapidly steepens below.

In this photo you can see it is starting to level out, with the midday sun coming through Cocks Comb saddleĖ at about AMG 969/904 . Nearly there!

At CCOMBSADDL- 96947/90532- getting ready for a very relaxed lunch!

We have put 10 tents in the saddle, and had a merry night with a good fire, even though itís mostly covered in thick Lomandra (the strappy-leaved clumping herb). If you want to see the sun rise from the Cocks Comb, it is the best place to camp.

This spindly 1-1.5 metre shrub is the Blackberry Nightshade (Solanum neoanglicum). Itís a member of the Tomato family, with a pinky-white bell-shaped flower in Summer Ė Autumn, and 6-8 mm purple-black berry. Not common, but there is a few in the saddle.