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I From start Tabletop South Ridge TTOPSRIDG1 0396349/6589575 via Tabletop Trail to SALTHUT 0395856/90257 1.20 km

20 minutes


1: 25000 Map


(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings



Winterbourne UTM TTOPSRIDG1 56J 0396349 6589575


Winterbourne UTM SALTHUT 56J 395856 6590257


This section is very pleasant walk on an early summer morning, with the sun not yet above the mountain as you head around the western side of Tabletop.

The road was built in the 1950s by local contractor Tim Barwick and dozer driver Staff Castleton- later extended to Bark Hut by Kevin and Max Brennan. It would have been a bit of a job in this steep, remote country. Salt Hut is a good landmark for travellers around Tabletop, and the dam below it is a valuable resource for walkers and firefighters .

Striding down just below TTOPSRIDG1, and almost at the little watercourse where the 4WD road swings left around Tabletop Mountain  

The trolley man is just crossing the little watercourse mentioned.

First sight of Salt Hut, on a diversion off the main Tabletop Trail amongst the New England Blackbutts.

Perhaps not a very fancy shelter, but an excellent landmark- especially for the dam about 200 metres NNW below it. (Photo Martin Lang)