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G Start Tabletop South Ridge TTOPSRIDG1 0396349/6589574 to Tabletop Summit campsite TTOPSUMCAM 0396233/6590631 1.60 km

50 minutes

1: 25000 Map Projection

(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings HASL


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSRIDG1 56J 0396349 6589574


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSRID2 56J 0396530 6589819


Winterbourne UTM TTOPSUMCAM 56J 0396232 6590631



Set the TTOPSRIDG2 waypoint on the GOTO function of your GPS at this point . By now you should be on the centre of a definite ridge after the fumbling around on Section F. The climb is considerable, but in drier seasons there’s a distinct track up. Pause and look across to your left to catch glimpses back into the Tabletop Hideaway area.

The summit is cool and delightful, with soft green grass and little white flowers (Pratia sp) in season. The broad open summit doesn’t allow too many expansive views, and it widens out – so set you GOTO to TTOPSUMCAMP once you’re well on top.

It’s a perfect summer campsite, almost up in the clouds. No water on top – have you enough to drink for a night’s camp? If not, you’ll have to make a trip from the camp down to the dam at SALTHTDAM – Winterbourne map AG66 957.905. It’s only about 20 minutes’ walk - make sure you purify it before drinking.

Just below the ridge crest , in a failed attempt to avoid the thick Cassinia- hell for asthma sufferers.

(Photo Martin Lang)

The ridge is starting to narrow in, and we are above the dense Cassinia heading for Waypoint TTOPSRIDG2


View SW from near the top of the ridge. You can see the small clearing and Tabletop Hideaway in the centre right, and Cheadle Mountain in the top centre.

The campsite at AMG 96233/90632 is flat, sheltered, with ‘lawns’ formed by kangaroo grazing, and with a lot of good firewood and backrests about. It doesn’t take long before firewood is collected…

…the tents are pitched…(Photo Martin Lang)

…the billy is boiling….(Photo Martin Lang)



…and everyone is loafing around the fire.(Photo Martin Lang)