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E Tabletop Retreat Road Junct. TTOPXHIDEA 0395447/6586908 to Oven Camp ridge turnoff OVENCRIDG7 0396338/658843703 2.00 km

35 minutes

1: 25000 Map Projection

(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name

Zone Eastings Northings HASL


Winterbourne UTM TTOPXHIDEA 56J 0395447 6586908


Winterbourne UTM OVENCRIDG7 56J 396338 6588437


This is where you come closest to the edge of Polands Gorge, on your right  to the E at AG66 955.870 on the Winterbourne map. Unfortunately, the dense timber allows only glimpses of the gorge way below, and as this is a designated wilderness area, the chances of the NPWS cutting a gap in the trees and putting in a lookout platform are pretty remote. So enjoy the wildflowers and the steady downhill.  The turnoff to Oven Camp Ridge is indistinguishable now, but this was the point where cattle were once driven up from the flats about 800 m below to the relatively level ridge on their way to market.  If you ever walk up Oven Camp Ridge, you’ll appreciate just what a feat that was.


This is the closest you get to Polands Gorge (AG66 955.870)- on the right. The thick cover precludes a good view.

About AG66 957.877- a gentle downhill is always appreciated!


Since removed, the tape marks the turnoff to Oven Camp Ridge.