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BMC-Granville Spur camp BMCGRANCAM 0396243 /6596417 ASL 295 downstream to BMC+POSTMA 0397875/6596525 ASL 270

2.7 km

40 minutes



1: 25000 Map


(AGD 66)

Waypoint Name Zone Eastings Northings



Winterbourne UTM BMCGRANCAM 56J 0396243 6596417


Winterbourne UTM BMC+POSTMA 56J 0397875 6596525


The given profile follows the line of the creek, but by cutting off the loops you can reduce the distance and time considerably.

Opposite Granville Spur. A couple of us thought that that this might be a good place to climb up to Enmore Long Ridge as named spurs were often stock routes to the tablelands. Silly idea. Halfway up we started to see lots of mine exploration digs, and realised that :
 the spur was probably named after a 1870s gold miner. Miners dont care how steep it is if they find gold
Still, we got out in good time!

This bright daisy with yellow centres and reddish ‘petals’ is a 'garden escape' originally from Central and South America. It grows to about 90 cm, and is found all along the Macleay gorge bottoms. Some think it came here from a family who lived near where Tabletop Trail now crosses Zinnia Creek.


This flood channel was deepened and kept open by the horses who use it as a convenient path.

Bushwalkers like it, too!



The Tiger Orchid (Cymbidium canaliculatum) is found growing on trees from creek bank level to a couple of hundred metres up ridges in the Macleay gorges. The colour varies from almost pure red to nearly all yellow.

Postmans Creek junction, an excellent campsite especially when there is a bit of rain about. There is good water, a bit of a pool, and an open shaded flat area. Perhaps more importantly, there is a good escape route up Blue Mountain/ Postmans Ridge to the road on Enmore Long Point (PRIVATE PROPERTY- get permission in case you need it). It is another of Max Brennan’s old campsites, as evidenced by the old camp-oven in the right background, and a nearby fenced horse paddock.


Do not disturb- he’s got another 10 km to walk this afternoon.