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BULLPTBMC 0387723/6593621 ASL427 to DEEPCK 0389105/6593770 ASL 399

1.7 km

40 minutes


A pleasant creekside walk, with some open areas and a number of tight rocky defiles where rainforest species can be found.


These screes are seldom very big in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. Occasionally they have Red Cedar and other rainforest elements growing in them, so they are of special interest.

At AG 66 877.936. Native Frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum) is an occasionally deciduous tree to 20 m high with tessellated bark. Leaves alternate/whorled, 816 x 34.5 cm, margins entire (often irregularly toothed in juveniles), soft, thin. Flowers spring, fragrant; 5 cm diam, cream to yellow or sometimes reddish. They are widely scattered on the gorge flats.

A Max Brennan horsetrek campsite at AG66 882.935. He chose good sites, and left heavy tarps down here as he was coming down frequently . Needs tidying up now. Always an excellent campsite. (Photo Kathy King).

At AG66 885.933.  As we are not far from the head of the creek, there are many 'rock gardens' in the river.  The pools are generally smaller than lower down

You occasionally come across holes formed in the bush like these in the creek bank at AG66 888.936. Often they have been licked out by generations of animals looking for mineral salts to supplement their diet. Big caves have been excavated by elephants living on Kenya's Mount Elgon in search of such salts.

In the horseshoe bend where Deep Creek enters Blue Mountain Creek at AG66 891.938, the moist environment has lead to the growth of Dry Rainforest.