Overview Threlfall Walk

Grade This is a popular picnic area about 18 km from Armidale. There are barbecue plates, toilets, picnic tables, and one small shelter shed. The walk is very easy, all on tracks, with good signposting. The walk can be done easily in an hour and a half, though you might want to carry an “On Track Day Pack” One natural lookout- marked THRELFLO858 - gives an excellent view up the river, but requires care, as it is quite exposed with no guardrails.

Drive out the Armidale - Grafton Road 2.5 km, and turn right onto the Castledoyle Road. The Blue Hole is 15 km from the turnoff.

Map: "Hillgrove 9236 - 1 - N " map

(not really needed- there is small information booklet, “The Threlfall Walk”, available at Armidale Tourist Information Centre, which is very helpful)

There’s also a plant list the enthusiast might want to print off, or download onto their Smartphone, before leaving.