Latest River Heights for Apsley R at Apsley Falls

Issued at 8:16 pm EDT Sunday 18 December 2011

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Station details:Station Number: 557012 Name: Apsley R at Apsley Falls

Data from the previous 4 days.

Plot of River Height Observations

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About this plot

  1. The river height data is real-time operational data from automated telemetry systems and has not been quality controlled.
  2. The data is provided for flood warning purposes and most data will not be available during non flood periods.
  3. Most river height data is provided to the Bureau of Meteorology by other agencies. Separate approval may be required to use the data for other purposes.
  4. Heights are given in metres.
  5. Sites marked with ** indicate that the automatic telemeter gauge is at a different location to the historical flood gauge. Therefore, the height shown in the table is not the water level at the historical flood gauge.