Looking NE up the Chandler from the lookout platform.

Hillgrove Long Point

Hillgrove Long Point begins at the Waterfall Way as a very wide ridge bounded by Bakers Creek on the West and the Chandler River on the East. It gradually narrows as it descends to the south, ending at the junction of the Macleay and Chandler Rivers. Walks start from Long Point Picnic Shelter in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park part-way along the ridge.

Driving: about 54 km (50 minutes) from Armidale.

Head east from Armidale on the Waterfall Way. After about 27 km, turn right and drive another 5 km to the mining village of Hillgrove. Follow the signs for a further 22 km to the Long Point Picnic Shelter.

Chandler View Walk (6 km). This is one of the few places you can walk into the type of Dry Rainforest unique to the New England gorge country. This would normally involve a desperate clamber over steep scree slopes.

Cassinia Walk (1.5 km). This gives good views into the Macleay Gorge and right across to Blue Nobby Mountain.


Leaders Note Card

A couple of serious backpack routes also lead off into the Macleay River system from the Long Point tracks system.