View from the Blue Nobby Trig 1118metres Back

The Enmore area is about 40 km southeast of Armidale. It is bounded on the north and east by the Macleay River, to the south by Blue Mountain Creek, and to the west by gently undulating cleared grazing country- a rough rectangle about 40 km E-W X 10 km N-S.

The only public access to Oxley Wild Rivers National Park is from Dangar Falls at the northwestern corner of Enmore. However, there are a number of property owners who welcome walkers on their land, provided they observe the normal courtesies. Their addresses are available from Armidale Outdoors and the Armidale Bushwalking Club.

Walks –

For day walks, it is hard to beat the extensive track network around the tops accessible from the Dangars Falls carpark.  Long overnight through walks down the Macleay system can also start here

Drive: Armidale Post Office- South on Faulkner Street- 1.3 km – left onto Kentucky Street- 0.9 (2.2 total)- right onto Kennedy St(=Dangarleigh Road) -2.0 (4.2) km- left on Dangarsleigh Road- 5.7 (9.9) – left at War Memorial onto Dangars Falls Road- 12 (21.9)- Dangars Falls Parking area
There are a number of picnic tables and barbecue plates, plus a good shelter shed with barbecue, etc. When the falls are roaring, it’s a spectacular site.


“Most people prefer to start overnight loop walks from the end of Blue Nobby road (usually from Blue Nobby Mountain)”   


           "or off the Sherwood Road at ‘Ben Nevis’