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The main entry point is from the Dangars Falls car park and the NPWS track system that leads off from there. This is only public access to the Macleay river system with 75 km of Armidale.
Day Walks

Walk Gradings
The walks along the top are all on signposted NPWS .
Detailed sheets available from Uralla and Armidale Visitors Centres.
“Oxley Wild Rivers National Park- Walks From Dangars Falls”
“Salisbury Waters Track/Mihi Track”
“Birds and Mammals of Dangars and Mihi Falls”
“Geology of Dangars Falls”

Walk Gradings
A further brochure “Oxley Wild Rivers National Park- Wild River Walks-Salisbury Waters, Dangars Gorge”- also available above- describes a much more challenging day-walk down into Salisbury Waters


Enmore Exit Mihi Day walk.

Overnight Walks
The NPWS track system gives access to Salisbury Waters, which becomes the Macleay River about two days down. You would have to walk another 2 days downstream before you can exit onto public land. Shorter loop walks all pass through private property.
Most people prefer to start loop walks from off the Sherwood Road at ‘Ben Nevis’ (Col- link to Ben Nevis Start from the Winterbourne website), or from the end of Blue Nobby road (at Blue Nobby Mountain (Col- link to All Blue Nobby Start). See the Map for an overview of these areas.

Dangars Falls Carpark to Blue Mountain Creek.

you can walk for miles from Dangars Falls carpark down into the Macleay-Apsley System.