Blue Nobby Mountain –Heart South Return back

BNM Heart-S-Return Profile

BNM Heart-S-Return Leaders NotesPrinter-friendly track notes for walk leaders

Section 12b. BlueNobbySumDownHeart A easy walk down open pasture to the dingo fence, followed by a steep descent with good views to the Heart of New England- a double loop in the Macleay River.


Section 7 Up the HeartAn exhilarating walk up a knife-edge ridge with views up and down the Macleay and up to Blue Nobby.

Section 8 Heart ~ Macleay Camp 965. Once you are past the Heart, you’ll start to see some evidence of white settlement – a set of yards, a 4WD track- along this section. There’s a number of good campsites along the way.

Section 13. MACL965020 to Blue NobbyA very even, clearly-defined ridge with good views, followed by some interesting navigation to an old logging road which leads out into the open grazing country of ‘Blue Nobby” .