Blue Nobby North to Macleay, the Heart, Straight Up

BNM North-Heart-Straight Up Profile


BNM North-Heart-Straight Up Leaderís Notes  Printer-friendly track notes for walk leaders

Section 11. BluNobMtn N To MACLCMP923A gentle walk down to open green pastures to the dingo fence, followed by a steep descent with good views to the banks of the Macleay River


Section 5 Macleay Camp 093 ~ Heart Base The river is now opening up, but thereís still a couple of wet-foot crossings. You pass the only real clump of cedars on the upper Macleay, before reaching the Heart of New England- a double loop in the river (about 2 hours)


Section 7 Up the Heart An exhilarating walk up a knife-edge ridge with views up and down the Macleay and up to Blue Nobby.


Section12a. Heart up to Blue Nobby Summit A long steep pull up with good views back down to the Macleay. Then a gentle slope up well-defined ridges to the Dingo Fence, a short trip along an easy 4Wd road, and a final steep pull up to Blue Nobby Summit.